Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vintage Guidance

Good Morning Team Members!

So this morning I wanted to bring a different blog to your attention!

Gertie's Guide for Better Sewing

She is obviously a very talented seamstress and has some great advise, and not to mention I personally love her style.

I really would love for the team members to provide as much of our content as possible as I have a personal blog and assist with the blog of another team I am a leader in. I also think that having multiple authors will provide us with a great way to pool our collective skills.

If you have content send it to


  1. I think you can add authors to this blog, that way we could just post here with out having to email first.

    1. This is correct, but in an effort to keep a little organization to the blog I have only added the Team leaders to the authors of the blog.

    2. One of the things I hate about blogger is that there are so many bugs. I have been having trouble with a particular one ever since I signed up. For some reason I was signed up for two accounts, one for each email. I have been unable to combine them so I'm constantly signing in and out of two different accounts just to post, write comments etc. Because of the that, the link you sent me to become an author was used by the wrong account. An account that I never use by the way. It's just there and I can't seem to delete it without deleting the account I actually use. It really is as stupid as it sounds and I'll probably leave blogger one day because of it. Anyway I need another link, if you still want me to author too. But if you'd like to post the content yourself to keep things organized that's fine too. No worries!