Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another blog with Great Advise

We all know that sometimes we get caught up in our standard sewing techniques and sometimes either don't take the time to learn new ones, or forget to share the information of our own special things with others.

This is why I usually love to surf the power of the internet for all kinds of fabulous blogs and sites that have great advise, reminders of things we might have forgotten, or just a general consortium of knowledge.

I found another one.....


I love the name it fits me personally, and I am sure it fits all of you as well! Take a look at some of her posts. I was turned on to this site by the post about how to sew stripes. I hate stripes, but this made me not hate them nearly as much.

We will see if the next stripes I sew turn out as good as hers.

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