Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pattern Review: Simplicity 3833

As dressmakers we all have patterns, some we bought, some we made, some we have modified to be something else. We all know about the copyright infringement issues with store bought patterns used for item that are sold. I have made changes to this pattern, but will not divulge those changes as this is merely a pattern review. 

Today I wanted to write about one that I bought and made into to a dinner dress. I loved the simple lines of the dress but figured some nicer fabrics would make it a perfect spring/summer dinner/date dress. 
Simplicity 3833 Retro Pattern
The top of the dress is a dull blue grey satin with just enough body to fit smoothly over the bust. The bottom was gold and blue lightweight taffeta with gold scrolled embroidery. The blue colors in both fabrics were a perfect match so it tied together really well. Plus the finish of both fabrics had the same sheen. 
Completed Garment
There are darted seams at the bust for shaping that also give the front a scoop shape below the bust. It also has a tie in the back that I elected to simply have a pretty pearl and gold button for attachment. The dress fits slightly loosely, but provides a very feminine shape. 

Back tie and Button
I know that there is a large percentage of dressmakers that turn their noses up to using store bought patterns, but a large percentage of them learned to sew from people that used store bought patterns. I am of the school of though that there are so many idea out there that a store bought pattern is a great learning tool. I have patterns I have created myself, and I have store bought patterns. To me they are all tools to be used for my passion.

Of course my own made patterns are ones I have created for historical pieces and tend to fall back on store patterns for daily wear items.

What are your go to tools in the way of patterns? Custom made, store bought, or a combination of both?

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