Monday, May 21, 2012

Promote Promote Promote

I haven't gotten all polished at this blogging game, but I have been trying to learn the ropes in promotion! I know a lot of you have blogs and one of the hardest things is getting traffic and followers. Well in my circles I have found a whole ton of people that kept tweeting about blog posts from other people and I couldn't figure out what they were doing.

I finally got the scoop! TWIBERR!!! It takes a little work to set up and I had to ask for directions to get it correct. However once you join a "tribe" you can approve new blog posts from other tribe members. THEN automatically the app tweets the blog title with a link to the post and your twitter name to all their followers. This can happen up to 5+ times a day from different people. It is like multilevel marketing for your tweets and blogs.

No matter how we generate traffic once it is generated then we can eventually make sales and get things moving.

I have joined and in the first day I saw an increase in traffic. Now it wasn't massive, but it was  an increase of maybe 15%. I also had three additional followers in the first day. Eventually all that extra traffic will increase more and more and more!

From what I can tell anyone can join Triberr, but you need to join a "tribe". I have a tribe that I have started, but haven't started adding members YET! It is called (shockingly) Sweety Darlin's Tribe! I know I just keep using that name everywhere, but to create a brand you gotta get a little name crazy!

If you would like to join, be invited, or try out this tool. Let me know! send an email to!

I will send you an invitation and we can start to promote each other!

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