Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A List of Suppliers

I know that we all like to find new suppliers and places to get specialty items for a lower price. I have been collecting supplier sites for quite a long time and figured that maybe some of you are looking for cool places too! You may have some of them, but some may be new.

Here is a list with the links activated, so happy shopping! - GREAT TAG SUPPLIER!!!!!

This is not my entire library of stuff, but I will say this for costuming and pageantry Angel Trims, Zucker Feather, and Spandex Depot are my first stops! For fabric selections for dresses!

What are some of your favorite suppliers?  I know this is sometimes protected information, but we are all over the world and sometimes we need help finding specific things. Heck it took me days to find Angel Trim, and I may be against buying from China, but for pageant dresses I can't beat it!

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